Beautiful my appearance, old your life

My life is doomed to be lonely, no one can accompany you to go all the way, a pass by, a friendship, a love, a love, it will end with the left one, forget is not true desire, that is the meaning of that journey.

My father, mother is the Northeast native people in rural areas, although a lifetime of mountain, ploughed a lifetime, but they still use the most simple and most extravagant love I sent out over my land.
Seventeen eight year old, silly me parents love. Perhaps the TV to see more, will love his fantasy in the easy to the age of dreaming, also may be curious about others. Therefore, I hard, finally the mother was told me about that’s their story.
Although it was allowed to free love, but her father, the mother is a distant relatives introduced. The father said, when the mother with two braids, tall, very beautiful, to know the father than the mother to be shorter for a head, but this did not affect their love. My father will give mother sent several autumn ripe fruit, ride four km bicycle, mother said, when she saw her father sweating like my special articles. In order to get grandma’s favor, the father often go to help to do farm work, mother always do some of his favorite dishes, as the father at this time although poor, but full of happiness.
Is about a snowy winter, the father of the mother came into the house, not a high-profile wedding, not gorgeous dress, but she was still willing to marry a few words, giggling man. Two years later in May, I was born, the mother said, when I was little, red, and ugly, but his father doesn’t mind, said as long as health is good. Others say the confinement, baby long opened, and I was ugly, my mother always worried about, and my father always smile.
The mother smiled memories of my first time, first time to climb, the first time to walk, the first call dad, mom…… Originally I had given them so many happy memories, and I didn’t know. Let mother worry about the thing goes, have of preschool I, still ugly, when the kids are doesn’t like play with me, only the father is willing to accompany me, with branches in the yard teaches me to write, in Daliushu taught me recite poems…… Said the mother, until the third grade primary school, I had some changes, the skin is not so black, the face becomes fleshy, my grades are good at that time, the students also not play games with me.
Later, I probably have a memory. Primary school graduation that year, I was the first town, a lot of people come to congratulate, father and mother sat on the bench at the last laugh, I think they must be very proud. After junior high school, I used to live in, from a week to a month, half a year later, may I have a habit of days away from home, but pulled off deep thoughts. Every home, saw his father’s gray hair is eye-catching, her wrinkled cheek, let me be at a loss what to do, is years away their most beautiful moment, and I in their lifetime to steal everything they had better, now, although I don’t have beautiful appearance, but the generous, and they are growing old.
In the spring of 2014, the song “where are all the time”, singing my heart most deep pain. The work of a few years, the number of home is less, when I hear the hoarse voice father phone, always remember that when telling a story for me, accompany me to play, he’s young, young mother when a few pictures, but she is still the memory like father described.
My father, mother, you use the old life, beautiful in my face, and I will return, for what?


may also say a good home

Without waiting for the bus by the station stop, he seizes the door onto the floor, coat adjusted, paused, looked at the road ahead, go forward……
He is in a five and a half into the new bike site, remove gloves patted seat, taken down to the car brake, brake crashed landed, he gave a contemptuous laugh, bent down to pick up, homeopathy pulled off the residual evil into the dustbin, slightly joked: “thanks to hold the steering handlebar still!” I, he has turned up, swaying to stagger up.
When the 30 degree downhill prosperity, he stepped on a stand, loud, on a pedal promiscuously humming tunes have injured all over the body, the body s and s twisted intertwined, creaking with enough tired between melody, light also seems to be a bit confusing, wind and dust chilly spring cold hand in hand a little love join in the fun the smell of Italian, common to sway the rest of the passion in the broad, flat surface. Occasionally the rushing all kinds of vehicles, see this situation must also really frightened, the spirit of fear.
The small slope do, slightly up on road slope, the body of inter woven breathe highlighted heavily, physical problems, his legs no longer comfortable degree, frequency is uniform, the melody is somewhat hasty. Dust can now gradually entering blissful circumstances but not tactful he’s really not letting this go, busy go hand in hand, seemed to have the scale development potential.
Slope gradually from the indefinite, cunning lantern also playing up, roll up the bright smooth down, he a little nervous, riding the rules, tightened the gloves, wearing masks and clothes and hats, give up pondering the record, was swallowed up in the dark. When the body has faltered, “ah ah……” More horrifying neighing, dark give it too much pressure and fear, big ups and downs, rough and dark stone goes way relentlessly tormented it withered trunk, no tiredness dust simply have high days, slightly tipsy, naughty ground covered it tears from the eyes, the rudder ‘some calm, struggling into it now only support, repeated experience countless became it survive now last to read. Occasionally the trembling and vehicles, whistling loudly scold, threatened to left to right back car; flickering lights to create an atmosphere, arouse the dust son crazy Jin, the coagulation force sand dust storm, trying to take advantage of “Eighteen bowl” in one fell swoop over wine has rattled flax car; small pieces of rubble four splash rolling, stone, dark pit of surging, clever shift step, quietly changing seem familiar but extremely strange road, next to any homeopathic foot binding…… At the moment he and his spirit free occasion, may also say a good home, heartbroken people the gift of creation, Ze Yu?!
The dust floating, air in an uproar, it took him out, individual dust son still follow not, chatter without stop, 75 degree slope are also busy to add resistance. He borrowed a little crazy war remains, to pedal, urged to breathing it in transit ascent, more than the snail like overloaded trucks, bypassing the distance, toward the quiet landscape, as if a generation had passed Taoyuan and fresh and sweet air, not far from a smooth and bright lights to return for great encouragement, enthusiasm of tail wagging the dog rushed to come is to return the warriors of inexplicable moved……
At the moment, according to water, The wind puffs the clouds away., Xinyu introverted, emotion surging —
The wind shadow dance floating dusk, moon star Mi degree night soul. Open the Castle Peak, Ze latent materialized late returning.